Most people have no idea that chiropractic treatment can help migraine headaches…but we CAN help.

Migraine headaches are vascular headaches…in simple terms, it is all connected to the spine. Migraine headaches are twisting and pinching arteries that are attached to the spinal column.

Watch the video above to get a full understanding of how it all works.

ARTHRITIS Is A Problem We Can Help With!

I am commonly asked if Arthritis is a problem chiropractic treatment can help. First, I think it’s important to see and understand what arthritis is. Watch the video above to see what it actually looks like in your body and how chiropractic can treat this problem.

How We Treat KNEE PAIN…

Many people believe that chiropractors only treat the spine. But this video will show that anywhere in the body that has two bones joined together with nerves in the middle is fair game for chiropractors to treat. This video specifically demonstrates a very common problem I see in the office all the time…Knee Pain.


How can a veteran chiropractor help those annoying sinus and allergy problems you are dealing with? Well, it’s important to know that your neck and spine control the sinus cavities. Watch the video above and I’ll show you how the spine controls your sinus cavity.

GOT TMJ or JAW PAIN? How Chiropractic Can Help Your TMJ!

One thing chiropractors can really help is temporomandibular (jaw) joint and muscle problems…more commonly known as TMJ. This can consists of all types of jaw pain. In the video above, I’ll explain what TMJ is and how chiropractic treatment can be a very effective solution to this problem.


One major problem I see everyday is pinched nerves. This is usually caused by vertebrates sliding out of position. Watch the video above to see how this works in your body and how we can treat it.


Carpel tunnel problems are a common cause of wrist pain. Watch the video above to see that the nerve that runs down to your wrist actually starts in your neck. So the pain in your wrist could actually be caused by a problem somewhere between your wrist and neck. Watch this video to get the full idea.

WHAT IS SCIATICA? It can cause low back pain and more…

A common problem associated with low back pain is what’s called sciatica. This can even give you problems (pain) as far down as your foot. To get the full scope of what this is and how a chiropractor can treat it, watch the video above.


A common and more severe problem I see on a daily basis is that of disc problems. This can be a bulging disc, herniated disc; or often commonly referred to as a slipped disc. Watch these videos to understand what these disc problems are. The last video over decompression will show you how chiropractors treat this problem.

Herniated Disc

Disc Decompression and Treatment


One of the most common causes of neck problems and neck trauma later in life is whiplash. There are two very vital parts in treating whiplash trauma. Watch the video above where I break it all down for you and show how chiropractors can be essential in treating this problem.


One of the most common problems I see in our office almost every day is lower back pain. This is usually caused by rotation of the pelvis which can happen from all sorts of different daily activities we are involved in. Watch the video above to understand lower back pain more fully and see how chiropractors treat this problem.